XR in Medical (Webinar Event)

It is my honor to co-host this webinar with David Sime. His topic is the “Therapeutic VR” section first. And mine is “XR in medical training and education.” We will have Q & A section at the end. so thanks for joining our webinar and with you enjoy our show.

I am going to talk about 3 topics — XR in medical education, AR for remote surgery collaboration, and XR in surgical training.

Okay, first, let’s talk about XR in medical education. Here are 2 examples:

  1. UCSF — Virtual Reality Lab: The purpose of this virtual reality lab is to bride hands-on training with cadavers and textbook learning. “Students understand anatomy better. see how all the bones, muscles, nerves and organs fit together.”
  2. EyeSim is a virtual reality software that helps medical students learn the structure of eyes. The complex subjects, like Visual Pathways, can be represented in a much more realistic and accurate fashion. This enables students to quickly understand what’s going on, rather than requiring them to reconstruct a comparable model in their head from 2D representations. Students can also get hands-on experience and gain valuable practice all without touching a patient or a cadaver.

Okay, second, let’s talk about AR for remote surgery collaboration. The example that I am going to talk about is — Proximie

  1. Proxime — Proximie is software that enables doctors to provide remote consultations to reduce unnecessary travel time and increase efficiencies.

Then, the third one is XR in surgical training. Here are 2 examples.

  1. Osso VR is a virtual reality surgical training & assessment platform. As for surgeons, it can speed up the learning curve. Through Osso VR collaborative training, training hands-on with your surgical team regardless of physical location will increase the success rate for the surgery. (let’s take a look)
  2. Immersive Touch allows surgeons to practice and rehearse surgeries by using uploaded patient scans in a realistic and zero-risk virtual reality environment. (let’s take a look)

Overall, XR can not only help doctors to learn professional knowledge in 3 dimensional realistic way but also help surgical planning in the virtual space. So I am really happy to see all the magic happen in the near future to benefit both doctors and patients.

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