The era of VR & AR is coming

I went to VRLA 2018 a few weeks ago and I want to share with you some of my thoughts about the new trend in VR & AR.

– Since we have so many VR developers from India, I found there is a lot of yoga, meditation, Indian culture/style of VR apps in the show. There are some tents full of spices, colorful paintings, and music for people to enjoy the VR meditation. You can see a lot of Indian culture in VRLA. It is pretty cool that our culture is mixed with a lot of cool elements.

– VRLA is getting big and mature now. Start from the game industry, now VR is branch out to education, meditation, social media… Pretty cool trend.

– Hard wears are getting cheaper & lighter. Intel just announced the super small hard drive for desktop (CPU). It is really small, just like any USB drive. And the cost of 360 camera is getting cheaper & cheaper each year.

-All the fields of knowledge are mingling together. In the future, game and film will mingle into 1 big field. Thanks to 360 degrees, there is nowhere to hide all the equipment & staff compared to the traditional shots, all the characters might need to be “360 scanned” into 360 scenes or being made as 3D models. So game & film to mingle together and become — interactive film — big genre.

-All the fields of knowledge will become ONE. The super cool demo I saw today was — A writer who wrote a story — 2 black holes bump together and create a new star — Amazing things happen along the way when you travel through time & space. So Science, writing, storytelling, animation, music, 3D modeling, film director, technology, designer… will work together to create super big projects.

-I found out that people started to focus on 3D audio. A lot of cool bands, 3D audio types of equipment, 3D sound designs.

-Dance is a cool thing when it comes to VR. I found out that in this VRLA, not as many games as before. Instead, more education, meditation, band, travel, film… using VR / AR technology.

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