Envisioning Holograms (3)

How to start envision holograms?

Today we are going to talk about how we start making holograms.

  1. Sketch your ideas out: Speed is the key to moving your early idea forward. Sketch out your idea or craft a narrative about the feeling of the experience you are looking for is a great way to start.
  2. Make 3D models: Let your team enable you to see and feel the real 3D models in front of them.
  3. Tell a Story: Making interesting narratives and start to bring them to reality.

The essential part of designer’s job is to constantly push the boundaries of how things could be.

Four Envisioning Approaches:

1. Early Explorations: Everything is possible at the beginning.

Everything is possible and people have a lot of imaginations towards the early stage. For example: exploring data by immersing yourself inside the data — was just a thought without knowing what to do at the early stage. Another aspect of doing early explorations for mixed reality is the need to research and understand how physical environments affect people. Digging into the endless volumes of architecture, space planning, and way-finding books is another excellent resource for background research. Coming up with compelling scenarios and executions could help you push the boundaries of the early exploration stage.

2. Vision Setting: We all want to shoot for the stars.

We don’t have to be completely realistic about the current capabilities of the platforms or tools that currently exist. Visualize the concept by sketching it out or make a 3D model and test it out. Combining both realistic & futuristic aspects of ideas is the key for this stage.

3. Challenging Norms: Being incremental gets us nowhere fast.

Get out of your comfort zone! Since this is a new technology, why should we still have the conventional mind play safe? Don’t be different to be different. Be different to push us all ahead.

4. Leaping Ahead: True competitive advantage is not found right next door. It can only be spotted from the future.

The most powerful aspect for the designer is the fearless leap into the unknown. Ask “What is” without worrying about current feasibility. Leaping ahead through envisioning can illuminate a clear path to our most definitive competitive advantage. There are particular attributes in any product or service that hold the key to true differentiation and separation in the marketplace. Knowing when to use envisioning to persuade and influence is an important part of our journey to being an effective hologram designer.

It is not just being a great design or developer anymore. There are new rules at play.

The most valuable skill you can master is to learn how to forget.

There are 4 distinct aspects of the design process that are quite different than anything you’ve done before.

1. Mindset — thoughts about this mixed reality space

No traditional GUI or UI interface like web and app design. Designers need to think about “What exactly you will do in the real world?”

For example People’s observations, participant’s thoughts, and hologram’s needs.

2. Approach — actions are taken when working on designs

You are actually at the center of everything in mixed reality. Master using the room itself as the interface and ourselves as the controller and user interface. The best way to approach is to put ourselves in the middle of the action.

3. Language — phrases and images we use to convey concepts

Mastering how to describe the thoughts and actions of holograms can be thought of as a director filming an actor on their motivation for a scene. Think about how to communicate with your user in a 3D space — the language in 3D space.

4. Skillset — abilities we use to execute our vision

Storytelling is the key skill set in holographic design. Just like a filmmaker, being able to explain how the story captures the attention is the main skill for designing holograms.

Learning how to quickly sketch in 3D is another useful skill to have.

5. Just do it — be a great participant in your holographic design

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