The Fourth Transformation (1)

How Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Change Everything? According to history, we can see the transformation of communication. By 2020, they will ignite a tsunami of adoption. People will buy the new devices for a single reason, perhaps entertainment or medical assistance, and then will find more and more reasons to use the glasses. They […]

Brave NUI World

Now we stand at the brink of another potential evolution in computing. Natural user interfaces (NUIs) seem to be in a position similar to that occupied by the GUI. In the early 1980s. Like the desktop GUIs, NUIs promise to reduce the barriers to computing still further, while simultaneously increasing the power of the user, […]

The Fourth Transformation (2)

VR headsets let you journey into far-off worlds while remaining relatively stationary in a room, often tethered to a computer console. If gaming software is involved, then you become the game. If it’s a storytelling adventure, you control the script; the story does not unfold as a director dictates, but according to where you choose […]

The Fourth Transformation (3)

“Look forward to the future and look forward to the unknown.” — Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Today we are going to talk about 2 AR apps and the future of AR glasses. Pokemon Go has brought 3 key innovations: Players start off by walking around at a map. They click when they see a character […]

A Book Apart: Conversational Design

The conversation is the best model for creating more human-centered design — Voice User Interfaces (VUI) We have all heard it said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, if this statement is true, why does it have be a saying? — Walter ONG. Apple put Siri in the iPhone and Amazon make […]

How to create your first VR project in Unity?

Today we are going to talk about the VR Fundamentals in Unity **Check out this great class in Pluralsight*Unity VR Fundamentals by MJ Johns. This article/notes are based on this online class. Unity is probably one of the best VR building engine so far. Let’s talk about how to make some cool VR in Unity. What’s […]

This is service design methods (1) — Research Method

How can we come up with solutions for products? As for a UX designer, the most challenging thing is to come up with a good strategy. Sometimes we have a lot of assumptions before we start the project, this book helps us to move beyond those bias by following these research methods. Here are the […]

Envisioning Holograms (4)

What types of tools can we use for envisioning holograms? What is the best technique to present your hologram idea? There are a lot of different tools you can use for presenting your hologram ideas. 1. Imagination Your own imagination will always be the highest fidelity, most vivid, best simulator of breaking through holographic experience. […]

Accessibility for Web Design

Today we are going to talk about the accessibility for Web Design from a really useful handbook — AccessAbility. There are a lot of websites online but not many of them have great accessibilities. I wouldn’t define accessibility as the design for disabilities, but I would say that if the designer keeps the accessibility guidelines […]

UX Book — Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

When it comes to responsive design, people start to wonder we should we do mobile-first or desktop-first. Here are some reasons that the book “Mobile First” suggests, just like its name, do mobile-first. As for the native mobile app, it can provide you much more than a PC browser. Native mobile applications give you robust […]