Gamification (7): Interactive Storytelling

Recently I finished reading Chris Crawford’s book Chris Crawford On Interactive Storytelling and found Crawford’s explanation on how to emphasize storytelling really compelling. Storytelling is important when it comes to relaying cultural information. Its language, culture, and the story itself are formulated together to build a linear sequence of events. Emphasizing that linear sequence is […]

Gamification (8): A Theory of Fun for Game Design

Highly acclaimed as the Creative Director behind the Star Wars Galaxies, Raphael “Raph” Koster is a professional in the game market and is widely recognized as a world-class game designer and speaker. Raph’s book, A Theory of Fun for Game Design, is a classic that is implemented in game design programs at universities worldwide. I was […]

Gamification (9): The History of Gamification

Before modern industrialization was established, businesses experimented with many ways to market and ignite customer loyalty. Decades later, companies are still searching for the best method to produce better results for their brands by re-establishing behaviors in purchasing, user engagement, and gamification. The term “gamification” is the implementation of both game-design and its principles in […]

NUI (2): Designing Voice User Interface

This article is the reading notes for Designing Voice User Interfaces with some of my personal experience. NUI: Designing Voice User Interface An important part of the Natural User Interface (NUI) that functions by interacting with different modalities of sensation such as touch, hear, sight — Voice User Interface (VUI) is a way to interact […]

NUI (1) What is Natural User Interface (NUI)?

Do you consider GUI and NUI the same thing? If yes — this article is going to help you learn the difference quite easily. GUI, which stands for Graphical User Interface, is such a user interface (UI) that permits the users to operate the electronic devices through graphical icons. Some of the best important and […]