AT&T Shape 2018

Today I went to AT&T Shape 2018. It was a pretty cool event showing how the movie industry is integrating AR, VR, and AI. Before the users are more passive when watching a movie -People sit on the chair and watching a movie. But now with AR, VR, and A.I., the users can co-create the content and explore film in an immersive way. The more senses you use, the better the learning experience you will get. As for learning, it is better to combine “Game” into learning since the game has a lot of great qualities for education — Repetition, Leveling Up, Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment, and Self -Directed Exploration.

In the Keynote presentation, I summarize some cool concepts for the speakers today!

1) Movie + AR + VR…: In the future, the movie will be an interactive game where you can co-create the movie with the director. The users will be part of the contents and immersive themselves in the narrative. For example, I am living in my real life, but I can live in someone’s narrative and be part of it (my second life).

2) Consumers want to experience over things: The next generation of entertainment is experiential — Mark Cuban

3) Millennials value experiences over owning things.

4) Retail is changing. The physical store sales are decreasing. So the speaker suggests that Retail should change to some business that requires your body:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Beauty, Health & Wellness
  • Entertainment
  • Work & Learning

5) Engagement is Interactive: In the future, that field will be hot:

  • Alternate Reality Games
  • Escape Games
  • Immersive Theater
  • Transmedia

6) Before the consumer is Passive, but now the consumer becomes a creator and is more active than before.

7)The future is going to be:

  • Seamless Augmented Reality
  • Better Haptic Effects
  • Brain Interfaces
  • Personalized interactions
  • Persistent worlds
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