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Affordable. Convenient. Taught by Experts.

Why XReality Academy?

We strive to simplify the learning process by offering an approachable XR education–no coding skills necessary! With XReality Academy, beginners and experienced designers can expand their skills through self-paced XR courses, 1:1 mentorship from industry experts, and compact lessons designed for working professionals.

Affordable Subscription

We believe a great education should be affordable and pay as you go. We offer a monthly subscription that won’t break the bank.

Choose Your Mentorship

You choose your mentor based on your needs. Whether its someone who’s an expert in Unity for your first session or a Creative director from Google for your fourth session. You decide which mentor is right for your current goals and needs.

Expert Curriculum

All of our self-paced curriculum is created by industry experts. They are mighty yet compact lessons designed for working professionals.

Who we are

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Meet Our Team

Dominique Wu

CEO & Founder

Cindy Do

UX/UI Designer

Kim Nguyen

UX/UI Designer

Alexia Limon

UX/UI Designer

Jasmin Banks

UX/UI Designer

Dolly Yang

UX/UI Designer

Catherine Koh

UX/UI Designer

Lauren Hyun

UX/UI Designer

Siao Dong

UX/UI Designer

Paulina Tiu

UX/UI Designer

Zoya Ahmed

UX/UI Designer

Lillian Chen

UX/UI Designer

Meet Our Advisors

Eric Zitaner


David Sime


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Marc Mathys (J.D.)


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